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Keys To The New Place


Real Estate Investments & Solutions

At Syndicate Stacking, LLC, we understand the what it takes to overcome the adversity of finding the right fit for you.


We help businesses identify the perfect location.

We help people find their next home.

We help investors make money.


Our combined years of diverse business experience across multiple industries, practices, and locations have taught us what is takes to be successful. Our team is ready to help you develop strategies for your next step in business, life, and beyond.


Get to Know Us

Syndicate Stacking, LLC is proud to have some of the industry’s best consultants on our team. The experience, capability and passion of our team is the foundation for our success in serving our clients. That’s why we invest heavily in skills development, learning through experience, and forming a work environment that fosters growth.




At the forefront of leadership, as a co-founder/business partner, and carving a path toward “operational” owner, you will find Jesse Dumadaug. A friendly, high-performing, and deeply analytical leader whose passion for driving business growth through operational discipline, creativity and team effort is palpable from the moment you meet him. With over 20 years running a successful "B2B" business, Jesse Dumadaug is bringing a set of skills unmatched by any one individual. It has always been a vision for Jesse to be a part of a successful real estate venture and all of his past years’ experience will ensure success and growth for the business.




Brian is a multi-business creator & owner in the martial arts and fitness industries. He is as positively impactful professionally as he is in the community that he has created from the ground up within his businesses. The life skills he has learned through his experience is an invaluable asset to this team, and is a key foundation to this business. He is also a wonderful dad to two little girls, and enjoys seeing them experience the world for the first time.  




Since beginning his career as an intrapreneur in the Philippines' import and export field in 2007, he has embraced diverse challenges and growth opportunities. His life's journey took Taino to the USA, where he played an instrumental role in expanding a martial arts school from approximately 70 to over 200 students. Currently, he leverages his extensive experience to lead a technical team, and continues his commitment to innovation and excellence.




Ricky began his professional career in 2016 after graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Administrator and Information Systems. His experience includes both technical and business-level, specifically helping ensure public companies financial statements are supported by the appropriate financial and IT controls. His exceptional skill set along with his true passion and creativity has inspired growth using a risk-adverse thought process. He is the proud owner of two GSDs and enjoys playing with them whenever possible.




Louis is a specialist in the real-estate world with experience in identifying and analyzing properties, as well as the current and future value of such. His experience comes from across the domestic US and is a valuable member of the team!


Associate Director

Since joining our team, Drew Carlyle has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. Their exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

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